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Online Sources of Subtitled
Hong Kong DVDs and VCDs

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  3. All shipping charges on this page are calculated specifically with American buyers in mind.
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  • Buyoyo http://www.buyoyo.com/buyoyo/eng/mainPage.do (based in Hong Kong) [good prices]
    [formerly Layoyo, formerly DVD Shelf] postage fees: 1-5 items $18.59, 6-10 items $28.85, 11-20 items $36.54
  • DDD House http://www.dddhouse.com/v3/index.php (based in Hong Kong) [good prices]
    postage: 1 for $30HK ($3.85US), 2 for $50HK ($6.41US), 3 for $70HK ($8.98US), 4 for $90HK ($11.54US), 5 for $105HK ($13.46US), 6 for $120HK ($15.39US), 7 for $135HK ($17.31US), 8 for $150HK ($19.23US), 9 for $160HK ($20.52US), 10 for $170HK ($21.80US), 11 for $180HK ($23.08US), 12 for $190HK ($24.36US), 13 for $200HK ($25.65US), 14 for $210HK ($26.93US).
  • HMV Hong Kong http://www.hmv.com.hk/ (based in Hong Kong) [good prices]
    Used to have Brothers Five on VCD, but not anymore
  • MovieSuper and Shaw Intercontinental (Intertainment Limited, Unit 2, 27/F Wyler Centre, Phase II, 200 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.)
    They have a lot of stuff, but postage winds up being $3 or more per VCD if the order you place is on the small side (i.e. 6 pieces or fewer).
    They bill as "Intertainment Limited Hong Kong HK"
  • Play Asia http://www.play-asia.com/ [expensive]
  • YesAsia.com http://us.yesasia.com/ (based in Hong Kong) [most entries feature customer movie reviews]
    lowest price shipping is for USPS: 1-2 items $2.99, 3-5 items $4.99, 6-10 items $5.99, 11+ items $7.99; items prices are high
  • Thai Sellers
    • eThaiCD.com http://www.ethaicd.com/
      All VCDs are dubbed in Thai, but some are subtitled in Chinese and English.
      Shipping & handling is included in prices. They accept PayPal. [very low prices, and shipping is included]
  • Secondary Sources
    • Charmes DVD http://www.charmes.de/ (based in Germany) [not selling new DVDs & VCDs, only old stock, as of at least 2015]
      1 item 20,00 DM (approx $9), 2-4 items 28,00 DM (approx $13), 5+ items 34,00 DM (approx $15); sent via German Premium post
    • ZoomMovie http://www.zoommovie.com/ (based in Penang Island, Malaysia) [linked to spyware, so beware]
      "flat international shipping rate at US$6.99"
Fan-made Discs

Defunct Sites

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